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There is something I have always wanted to do that I have either been lacking in the equipment and/or the software to do so. That being Sing all four parts of a barbershop quartet. Luckily for all of you, I have recently acquired the needed hard and software to bring this dream to life. It being just a few days from Valentine's Day, I decided to do a Valentine's Day themed song entitled, 'Valentine Quandry' by David W. Longroy of the Barbershop Harmony Society. I had tried to do something like this in the past and failed miserably, though I do feel like this attempt will be a bit more successful...I hope.

So giving myself a day or so to work on this I'm sure everything will be fine and it will sound amazing... *awkward pause* ...yea. When said vocal extravaganza is finished I will be linking it below, or actually I guess I really don't have to. Seeing as Newgrounds does that for me, huh. Sweet.

I'm a Whore

2010-10-27 20:41:35 by DrewDryDen

Hey Newgrounds! I'm in the process of whoring my voice out to anyone that needs it. So please PM or email me at DrewDryDen@gmail.c om!